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Our Clip Mortar is one of the most used spacers for the correct positioning of rebar in America. We offer recover heights for this spacer down from 20mm (3/4”) up to 75mm (3”).

The key to its success is due to three key factors:
1. It can take on greater weight (5000psi), which makes it ideal for heavy construction projects, and also offers a lot more resistance in comparison to Plastic chairs, enabling you to save money, due to less units used per square meter (Atecon Spacer are to be used from 1 up to 1.5 units per square meter).
2. Complete compatibility with your concrete pour, therefore avoiding cracks in the structure which allows corrosive agents to pass through to your Steel .
3. Its exclusive design with only three lower contact points, allows for the concrete poured to flow through them, making the spacer invisible to the eye once your concrete is dry.

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