Our formwork cones, has two main functions, the first is to create a guide with a PVC tube to allow the threaded bar (which allow the formwork to stay parallel), to go trough the width of the wall and avoid it from getting stuck once dry. The second function is to create a seal on both sides of the formwork, so that your freshly poured concrete doesn't spill. Once your concrete is dry, simply remove the cones (which are reusable) and begin patching tasks, simple as that.

 The internal diameter of our cone is 19mm (3/4"), so you will need to cut your 24mm (1") PVC tube to the desired length, using this simple formula: (Conical part of the Formwork cone x 2) – total Wall thickness. Example: For a total wall thickness of 20cm, you will have to subtract 15mm of height from each cone, so that the length of the PVC tube will be 17cm.

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