Technical Advantages to Plastic Spacers

Plastic interferes with your structures homogeneity, there's a reason why your structural reinforcement is made from Steel and not plastic or aluminum rebars, for example, this is because concrete and Steel are compatible materials, plastic is not, every point where you install a plastic chair spacer is a point where your not giving your concrete a chance to adhere to your Steel, this end up in the discontinuation of the main load bearing materials, concrete + steel, keeping them from working in tandem, not allowing the structure to hold up to its projected load bearing capacity.

The difference in thermal expansión and contraction coefficients from plastic, concrete and steel, mean that plastic will expand and contract much faster than steel or concrete, when in the contraction phase the concrete slabs cools down (remember that concrete can reach up to 70°C in its hardening phase, to cool down all the way to ambient temperature) the plastic spacer will shrink much faster than its surrounding concrete, leaving gaps in the slab trough which corrosive agents can penetrate to the main reinforcement bars

These last two problems are overcome by our spacers for floors and foundations due to the fact that what raises the steel bar is made out of mortar (allowing for total compatibility) and not suffering any shape warping due to temperature changes.

Economical Advantages to Plastic Spacers

- In floor slabs, the abscess in the lower part of the clip mortar and clip pincer series, allow for the concrete to flow between them, eliminate the need to repatch the inferior part of concrete slabs, plastic spacers cannot offer this advantage due to the need to always have a flat base to give them stability.

- Our rebar chairs have a resistance of over 5000psi on average, plastic doesn't come close to this axial load resistance, therefore you will only need to place half the units per square meter in comparison to plastic positioners.

- Keep in mind that's easier to store and transport (shipping companies charge for weight or volume, so that transporting a bag of plastic spacers will cost the same as a bag of mortar spacers) half the quantity of spacers needed for your build site.

- The low weight of plastic spacers is no match against the high pressure that concrete is pumped onto the slab, knocking the spacer out of position, compromising constant steel recover height in your slabs.

Technical Advantages to Improvised Rebar Spacers

- In the real world your build site does not allow for 20 days or more of curing of your site made spacers, leaving them too fragile to withstand high compression loads.

- The heights of these makeshift elements are not constant due to the irregularity of the molds they are made in (cutting PVC tubes most of the time).

- The wires used for tying the spacer to the main rebars can be left exposed and transmit rust to the main Steel bars.

- These kind of rebar chairs are unstable when subjected to personal (or light machinery) traffic over the Steel structure prior to pouring procedures, having to re-accommodate them constantly.

Economical Advantages to Improvised Rebar Spacers

- The lower flat side of these types of separators leaves marks in any concrete left in plain sight, leaving the necessity to amend these patches left, so to keep the aesthetics of your site in check.

- You have to constantly supervise the workers in charge of making these spacers so that they have the correct amount of cement, water and sand, so is the supervisión needed to confirm that every positioner has the correct height needed for keeping the rebar in optimal position.

- The installation process is made more time consuming due to the need to attach the spacer to the rebar through Steel wires.

- The manufacturing of these elements is very labour intensive, that's why our spacers, cost an average 30% less on a unit by unit basis.

- Due to the fact that curing times are cut to zero, leaving these spacers brittle and the unknown mix of material used to make them, you will have to use more units per square meter to compensate for this lack of compression load resistance. On average, by using our Atecon concrete made rebar spacers you will have a 65% savings factor on average per square meter.

We realize that your purchase decision is based on hard facts and not only will you take our word for it, that our rebar spacers are superior in all the áreas before mentioned, that's why we offer you these tools to make an informed decision: Comparative Excel Tables for Atecon Spacers vs. All other types of Bar Spacers and Comparision Videos.

Fabrication of Improvised Rebar Spacers
Repatching Concrete Procedure Test
Rebar Spacer Compression Strenght Test


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