Atecon products focus on solving the dilemma on how to guarantee the proper cover or distancing between the metallic structure (rebar) and the terrain or formwork.

Let's recap on why insuring proper recover height is important, at first glance we have to take into account a proper steel- concrete interaction, if the steel is not correctly embedded into the concrete it will not properly adhere, therefore not enabling the rebar to reinforce the structure, which in turn will not resist the tensión it was initially designed for.

A second very important point is that if a constant and uniform concrete recover height is not achieved over the rebars, they will be left exposed to outside elements, starting corrosión processes, which in the medium and the long run will equal to costly repairs and in a worst case scenario a systematic and complete failure of the structure 

The traditional way to solve this issue consisted in making rebar spacers at the site, but this solution is costly and labour intensive. Now a days there are also plastic spacers but these products do not offer high compression resistance to loads and are not compatible with the concrete poured. 

So now we have to analyze which type of product is the ideal solution for your recover height needs, depending on the structure your are currently working on. 

Construction Accessories

                                                                 Snap Ties                                                  Rebar Caps                                          Formwork Cones

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