Rebar Cover for Horizontal Structures

Atecon since its beginnings has been a firm believer that in order to achieve accurate recover heights in slabs, foundation, floors and all other types of horizontal construction, the material to be used must be the most compatible with the structure being built, in this case the obvious answer is the simplest , concrete.

Because of this, all our dobies for horizontal building are made entirely or partially of this material. Not only are they completely compatible with the concrete poured from a technical point of view, but also from an economic standpoint due to their high tolerance for withstanding greater loads, the installation per square meter of these elements is much less than with other options.

Thanks to the use of concrete in our products we can assure that they have mechanical (they hold the rebar in position before and after pouring procedures) and structural properties (once the concrete is dry the spacer becomes an integral part of your structure, achieving a homogenous result) at the same time.

Our flooring positioners are divided into three main groups:

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