This rebar support chair is made entirely out of mortar, it is the spacer of choice when building foundation slabs or floors with EPS (expanded poly styrene) panels (thanks to its wide base it won't sink in this soft material).


It has excellent load carrying capacity (over 5000psi) and its great stability allows for correct positioning of steel from thin mesh up to one inch thick Steel bars. Like all Atecon spacers, the compatibility with the concrete used is a given and it can take any kind of traffic over the rebar structure prior to pouring.  


With our mortar chair the savings obtained in contrast to other types of spacer are huge, you'll only need 1 to 1.5 units per square meter (the thinner the rebar the more chairs have to be used to avoid the mesh bendind downward under its own weight).


We offer this positioner in heights ranging from 17mm to 75mm.

Mortar Chair Information Video
Mortar Chair Installation Manual

You are an important part in the task to correctly position your rebar, following these simple instructions for distributing evenly your Atecon Spacers throughout your construction site will guarantee that the correct recover height is achieved.



Technical Specifications

Download here the technical data sheet for this type of Bar Positioner, for any additional information, please contact us at any moment.


Compression Strength

Check for yourself the high resistance under great loads of our Mortar based Spacers, with this comprehensive compression test made by independent laboratories

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