Our Clip Mortar is one of the most used spacers for the correct positioning of rebar in America


The key to its success is due to three key factors:

1. It can take on greater weight (5000psi), which makes it ideal for heavy construction projects, and also offers a lot more resistance in comparison to Plastic chairs, enabling you to save money, due to less units used per square meter (Atecon Spacer are to be used from 1 up to 1.5 units per square meter).

2. Complete compatibility with your concrete pour, therefore avoiding cracks in the structure which allows corrosive agents to pass through to your Steel .

3. In plain sight structural elements like walls or floors. Its exclusive design with only three lower contact points, allows for the concrete poured to flow through them, making the spacer invisible once your concrete is dry. No other spacer on the market offers this seamless integration with your structure, avoiding you any patching procedure afterward.

our_steel_bar_Dobies_can_withstand_any_extreme_load_applied_to_them  reinforced_concrete_dobies_used_in_civil_engineering_works

Its high quality recycled polypropylene clip makes installation (holds rebar from 1/4" up to 5/8") and correct positioning of this type of spacer a breeze, guaranteeing no movement of this product no matter how much traffic (people, machinery, etc..) prior to pouring procedures your rebar structure is subjected to.

We offer recover heights for this spacer down from 20mm (3/4”) up to 75mm (3”).

Clip Mortar Information Video
Clip Mortar Installation Manual

You are an important part in the task to correctly position your rebar, following these simple instructions for distributing evenly your Atecon Spacers throughout your construction site will guarantee that the correct recover height is achieved.


Technical Specifications

Download here the technical data sheet for this type of Bar Positioner, for any additional information, please contact us at any moment.


Compression Strength

Check for yourself the high resistance under great loads of our Mortar based Spacers, with this comprehensive compression test made by independent laboratories

Compression Test Mexico

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