Rebar Cover for Vertical Structures

Assuring the correct position and recover of your rebar’s is not only important in floors and foundations, it’s also essential in walls, columns and piles.

Due that in these kind of structures the spacers don’t have to support great loads and its function is limited to holding the rebar or mesh in place, the most efficient and cost effective solution is to use spacers made entirely of plastic (polypropylene).

You must be thinking, why does this company not recommend the use of plastic spacers in floors but accepts it in walls? Doesn’t this go against their compatibility argument?

We had that thought also and for achieving total homogeneity in walls and floors, the most appropriate thing to do is using mortar made spacers, but vertical structures are made up of two sides, so you would have to install double the amount of concrete spacers per linear meter, rising costs (but if your budget allows it, it would be best).

To stay competitive in the market for wheel spacers we developed our own line of plastic spacers for this application, but always being careful that the plastic element interferes as little as possible with the concrete poured, that’s why our wall rebar positioners have a structure that allows concrete to flow as freely as possible trough them, making them an integral part of the structure as much as possible (this is not possible with plastic rebar chairs in floors due to the fact that they must be made out of solid chunks of plastic to have some compression strength)


Our_construction_steel_bar_chairs_offer_compatibility_with_the_concrete_used  vancouver_Correct_use_of%20plastic_disc_spacers_in_a_reinforced_concrete_building_that_satisfy_seismic_resistance_standa


Our commitment to quality extends also to the raw materials used in our spacers, the plastic used is first class recycled polypropylene from the automotive field, assuring this way, high flexion and tension resistance (there fore you will have less waste from defective products), also UV resistance (which is important when you have long periods of outdoor storage) and at the same time have an environmentally friendly product (due to its recycled materials)

Download here the resistance, flexion and tensión test to which our plastic products are subjected to 

Our solutions for vertical recover from Steel Bar are:

Wheel Spacers (Single Steel Rebar)


Bridge Spacer (Double Rebar Cage)

reduce_labour_costs_in_precast_concrete_structures with_double_rebar_reinforcemen

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