Wheel Spacers

Our Wheel Spacers are positioning elements to be used in vertical structures (walls, columns, etc...) with single mesh or rebar configuration. They can hold fine mesh up to ½ inch thick rebar.

This elements are made from high quality polypropylene, guaranteeing strength and stability around the central axis of these elements, our exclusive designs and quality of materials used, allow for an auto-lockdown of these spacers around the periphery of the rebar, achieving a stable position in the steel structure, this prevents the spacer from moving sharply in the pouring and vibrating procedures and subsequently breaking.


Around the periphery of the spacer there are several small plastic protuberances which allow the contact with your formwork to be punctual, eliminating the need to complete patching procedures after pouring your concrete, in essence making the spacer invisible after it completes its function of guaranteeing recover distances.


Due to the geometry of the spacer which includes many cavities along its central structure, fresh concrete with even the thickest of aggregates will not be subject of obstruction by the spacers, allowing free flow throughout the whole wall, eliminating the possibility of segregation.


The sum of all these factors make our spacers much more efficient and more reliable in terms of other brands, allowing you to use less units per square meter.

Our radiuses or sizes being offered range from 25mm to 75mm (mostly used in piles) recover distance from your steel rebar to the inner face of your formwork.

Wheel Spacer Information Video
Wheel Spacer Installation Manual

You are an important part in the task to correctly position your rebar, following these simple instructions for distributing evenly your Atecon Spacers throughout your construction site will guarantee that the correct recover height is achieved.


Technical Specifications

Download here the technical data sheet for this type of Bar Positioner, for any additional information, please contact us at any moment.



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