Double Cage Mesh Rebar Spacer

Our Double Cage Rebar Spacer, is designed for the correct separation of concrete elements containing a double Steel structure, guaranteeing the external distance from the rebar to the formwork (usually 1” or 25mm) and also the spreading between the bars (internal distance).

It's usual to see this kind of rebar configuration in containment walls and prefabricated construction elements such as concrete pipes.

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Just as in our Wheel Spacers the Bridge Spacer offers these same characteristics:

- Highest quality recycled polypropylene used in its fabrication and the exclusive design in the mesh receiving end, allow for a perfect fit of it, keeping this positioner stable throughout vibrating procedures.

- All along the element you'll see numerous cavities, this allows for the concrete to flow freely through it, eliminating segregation.

- It only contacts the mould or formwork with his edged tips, so that it is as not noticed when the concrete is dry, keeping the finished surface aesthetically pleasing.

- Quick and easy installation.


These spacers come in a variety of internal lengths, down to 100mm up to 200mm and can take mesh as thin as 3mm and rebar up to 1/4”.

Double Cage Positioner Information Video
Double Cage Spacer Installation Manual

You are an important part in the task to correctly position your rebar, following these simple instructions for distributing evenly your Atecon Spacers throughout your construction site will guarantee that the correct recover height is achieved.


Technical Specifications

Download here the technical data sheet for this type of Bar Positioner, for any additional information, please contact us at any moment.



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