Formwork Spreaders (Snap Ties)

Our formwork aligners also know as snap ties serve the basic function of holding your formwork parallel to each other before, during and after the concrete pouring in walls or other type of vertical elements, so that you achieve constant width always (also helping proper load distribution into the wales), the cones on each side of the spreader help avoiding concrete or grout leakage before final drying, keeping your site as clean as possible.


Our form ties are made of high carbón Steel with 5.8mm of diameter, they are manufactured with cold-forged integral heads, which leads to a resistance to traction forces, above 2000kg, these factors help you reduce the amount of ties used per Wall section, saving you a lot of money.

wall and steel strip fasteners for wall frameworks

Snap ties are held in place by two Steel wedges, which can be reused indefinitely.

If your building cistern, reservoirs, pools or any kind of hydraulic construction, we offer our forming spreaders with a neoprene washer in its center so it creates a seal inside the Wall avoiding any outflow of water from this type of structures 


Our snap ties can be manufactured for any width of wall from 10cm up to 200cm, our exclusive indent design at the base of the spreader aid in the break back operation once the concrete is dry.

Snap Ties Information Video
Snap Tie Installation Manual

Find here our installation manual for our snap ties (formwork spreader accessory), to get a better understanding of the correct use of this handy construction supply, if you have any additional question don't hesitate to contact us.


Technical Specifications

Download here the technical data sheet for this handy construction accessory, for any additional information, please contact us at any moment.


Lab Tests

Check for yourself the high resistance under flexion and tensión stresses of our formwork spreaders, with this comprehensive test made by independent laboratorios


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